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Pray for Saudi Arabia

A car drives the length of the Arabian Peninsula, passing through different villages along the dusty highway. When traveling through the mountains, the driver notes clusters of houses hugging the hillside as well as small towns on the distant valley floor. Hundreds of thousands of people live in villages throughout Saudi Arabia.

The people who live here now enjoy mobile phones and electricity, Toyota trucks instead of just donkeys. Yet their worldview has changed very little over the decades. They follow centuries of Muslim cultural, religious, and tribal tradition. Veiled women rush indoors timidly when strangers enter the village.

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Traditional mud architecture in Wadi Najran, Saudi Arabia | by Richard Mortel via Flickr CC

In traditional Saudi families, the patriarch makes all the decisions which he considers best for his people. He decides what education his son should have or which man his daughters must marry. After women were finally allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia, an old man said: “Women may drive in the city, but my wife and daughters will never drive!”

What does the future hold for these proud and independent people? Can parents keep their children committed to ancient traditions when new ideas and foreign concepts are introduced through smart phones and the internet?

“Women may drive in the city, but my wife and daughters will never drive!”

The Saudi people live at a time when there could be a great clash of the old and the new. Isolated villagers now have the opportunity to hear stories from the Bible on those phones. Gulf Arabs can have spiritual discussions through chat rooms. And in Christian TV with special Arabic programs for Saudis they can hear about God’s deep love for them.

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Many young people are seeking the truth. Let us pray in hope and faith that they will find The Truth that they so desperately need.

How to Pray

  • That the Holy Spirit will speak to village leaders in visions and dreams.
  • Pray for good spiritual discussions between villagers and Jesus followers who are passing by their towns.
  • Pray that entire villages of people will come to faith in Jesus, spreading the Good News from town to town, from the mountain tops to the valleys below.
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  1. This is a great inspiration and encouragement to me. I have been praying with CAPRO, organization that is also working in partnership with churches to reach the Moslem world. I have been praying for the unityof the body of Christ to this purpose and this is an answer to my prayer. Together we can win the world for our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for ALL mankind.

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