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Practical Steps for Loving Muslims

Part of the 30 Days of Prayer – 2016 Series Practical Steps for Loving Muslims Ramadan and the 30 Days of Prayer is wrapping up. What now? Here are a few practical steps for loving Muslims throughout…

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Praying for Muslims: With Love and Compassion

Every Muslim is someone whom God loves. Some Christians do not pray for Muslims because of prejudices or fears. Let us pray by asking God to give us a heart filled with love and compassion towards Muslims. Pray that Muslims will also understand that God desires for everyone to know Him as children and not as slaves.
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Prayer is changing the Arabian Peninsula

Though these changes are exciting, the population growth in the Arabian Peninsula region is still way beyond the amount of people coming to faith. And those who come to faith sometimes have to suffer greatly for their faith. When the father of the lady in Saudi Arabia found out that she had become a Christian he murdered her brutally.
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