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Day 3 – Pray for Muslims in Ukraine

Muslims in Ukraine are a small minority, making up only about 1% of the total population of this Orthodox Christian nation. However, they have a long and rich history in the country, dating back to the 13th…

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Muslim Refugees in Sweden

14 June 2017 / Day 19 Muslim Refugees in Sweden In 2015, over 161,000 asylum seekers crossed the border into Sweden – at one point there were 10000 refugees per week entering the country. With a population…

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Syrian Refugee Families

9 June 2017 / Day 14 A Syrian Refugee Family Waits At a military-run refugee camp in Greece, we met a Kurdish family whose story reflects many others in the camp: Father Aza worked as a taxi…

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Pray for Refugees in Lebanon

1 June 2017 / Day 6 Pray for Refugees in Lebanon The war in Syria triggered a massive wave of refugees who are mainly accommodated in surrounding countries.  Prior to this, in 2014, conflict flared up in…

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Multi-Cultural North America

29 May 2017 | Day 3  Multi-Cultural North America “I love America!” shouts Fatima as the crossing guard escorts her children safely across the street as they walk home from school – a school in which the…

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