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Pray for Saudi Arabia

In 1994, the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World movement was just getting started. On Day 22 of that very first year we prayed for the people of Saudi Arabia. The guide said, “The Kingdom of Saudi…

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Pray for the Shia of Saudi Arabia

The distinction between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims is felt keenly in the nation of Saudi Arabia. These two Islamic sects share many of the same beliefs and practices, but they also have significant differences which cause…

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Pray for Mecca, Saudi Arabia

We could not focus our prayers on Muslims in cities without considering the most revered of Muslim cities, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Islam’s founder, Muhammad, was born here and when Muslims pray, they bow in the direction of…

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Pray for Muslim Background Believers

It happened during the month of Ramadan. Fatima suddenly had a vision of Jesus. She has never forgotten since how lovingly He looked at her and said, “Come, follow me!” Never before had she experienced such a…

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Pray for Women in Saudi Arabia

On an ordinary day in June 2017, in a restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, everything was about to change. Suddenly, phones starting beeping and ringing. We read, in disbelief, the messages that were streaming in. Shrieks of…

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