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Pray for Peace

6 June 2017 / Day 11

Terror? Pray for Peace.

Today, fear is the spirit of this age: Fear of terrorism! Fear of Muslims! Fear of the future!

Islamophobia is an accusation against those who criticize Islam and Islamic regimes.  Some people think that Islamophobia is unwarranted. On the other hand, Muslims claim that Islam is a peaceful religion and the terrorists are hijacking it. But the perception of Islam as a peaceful religion has been shattered by the reality of Islamic extremist attacks.

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As we watch terror attacks unfolding in the news, what we see are the works of the evil one.   Terrorism, murder and injustice create in us a spirit of anger for the innocent loss of life.  But Jesus told us to be angry and not sin. Does my anger lead me to action? Am I willing to share the Gospel of Christ that changes lives?

After the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001, a young Christian in America took a step of courage despite his anger and fear and he began a conversation with a Muslim colleague, which led to a friendship, which led to sharing the Gospel of Christ. This is what Jesus calls us to as His followers.

The Bible admonishes us not to be afraid. God has given us the Spirit of power to overcome fear; the Spirit of Love to show compassion to our Muslim neighbor.  If we believe that Jesus is the hope for our planet today, we believe he can change the hearts of even terrorists. The Gospel is the new ideology that creates peace.

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“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7

How to Pray

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you have adopted the spirit of fear rather that the spirit of love regarding Muslims.
  • Pray for the God to overcome your fear and enable you to show His love to Muslims around you.
  • Pray for those who are involved in terror groups, that Jesus will reveal Himself to them and they will be transformed.

Muslims Speak out Against Violence

The month of Ramadan is a time of peak TV consumption in the Arab world, and in turn, peak TV ad budgets. So the Kuwaiti telecom company Zain decided to make to the most of the holy season with a powerful three-minute musical spot urging Arabs to reject suicide bombings. Have a look:

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