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Pray for Peace in Nuh, India

In the past few days, another explosion of violence against Muslims has occurred in North India. This violence has been sparked by rising Hindu nationalism, dangerous politics & ongoing communal tensions between Hindus and Muslims (and others).

This time, the story traces its roots back to July 28, when a Hindu man was killed in a faraway state. Days later, a Hindu processional through the Muslim town of Nuh was attended by a known Hindu extremist. And violence exploded. This led to widespread rioting, mobs setting fire to Muslim-owned shops and houses and many innocent Muslims being targeted and several killed.

From BBC News

Haryana, India – Policemen in riot gear, burnt cars and piles of debris.

Three days after violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims killed six people, parts of the northern Indian state of Haryana remain tense… 

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Meanwhile, in Northeast India, communion tensions have also raged in Manipur, a heavily Christian state, leading to the deaths of over 130 people. Pray for peace there also.

The violence in both Nuh and Manipur is a reminder of the deep divisions that exist in Indian society and its ongoing struggle with religious intolerance. Let’s keep these communities in mind and pray for transformation.

How to Pray

  • Pray for peace and protection over the communities of Nuh, India.
  • For the healing of the wounds caused by the violence and forgiveness and reconciliation between Hindu and Muslim communities.
  • For India, a legally secular nation, to have peace among the different faith communities.
  • For Muslim families in India facing the challenges of living in a minority community and for Christians to be fearless in living out the love of Jesus.
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