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The Gonja of North Ghana

23 June 2017 / Day 28 Pray for The Gonja The Gonja (population: 310,000 people) live in the Northern Region of Ghana. It is said that Islam has been around since the early establishment of the Gonja…

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The Beja of Sudan

18 June 2017 / Day 23 The Beja of Sudan Amna, wearing a bright blue robe, wrapped around her body and head and with a gold ring through her nose, sits and looks at the burning coals…

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Disability among Tribal Families

10 June 2017 / Day 15 Disability among Tribal Families Traditional family life in the Arabian Peninsula is built around the tribe, and is still very much similar to Old Testament culture. The identity, multiplication and economic…

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Pray for Hui Muslims

7 June 2017 / Day 12 I Want to Get Married Xiaoma is a 19-year-old Hui Muslim living in northern China. Most young Hui men are expected to get married at this age, but Xiaoma is facing…

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Shame & Honor Culture

30 May 2017 | Day 4 A Look at Shame and Honor Culture I grew up in a Muslim community that was managed by shame and honor and I learned as a small child that I should…

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