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Day 30 – Pray for New Believers

My name is Fatima. I was born in Morocco but my origins are Berber. My parents raised me, along with my 11 siblings, as Muslims. I celebrated Ramadan every year and I prayed every day with my…

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Moroccan Berber Girl - Photo by Article Author

Berber of Morocco

Day 26 – The Berber of Southern Morocco When travelling through the south of Morocco it is hard to miss this symbol – the Berber fibula, an ancient brooch used in numerous ways in everyday Berber life.…

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The Ishelhayn Berbers

12 June 2017 / Day 17 The Ishelhayn Berbers Over 4.5 million Ishelhayn Berbers live in southern Morocco, both north and south of the high Atlas Mountains, their traditional home, although many are migrating to cities outside…

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