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Testimony from Yemen

In the last dream I had, I saw Jesus on the sea, standing on the water. He was calling me: "Come to me!" I answered, "I don't know how to swim." He told me: "Do not be afraid. Those I am calling to come will never drown." Slowly I started walking towards Him.

Prayer is changing the Arabian Peninsula

Though these changes are exciting, the population growth in the Arabian Peninsula region is still way beyond the amount of people coming to faith. And those who come to faith sometimes have to suffer greatly for their faith. When the father of the lady in Saudi Arabia found out that she had become a Christian he murdered her brutally.

Helen and Ali

Recently we started a church in her village. As we sat around looking at the 20+ people in the room, we marveled that most had come to the Lord through this uneducated, barely literate woman

Abdullah and Amina

Muslims generally believe that Mohammed is a descendant of Abraham and Ishmael. His grandfather was the guardian of the Kaaba in Mecca (photos above). Mohammed had more than ten wives and concubines after Khadijah’s death (without any other natural offspring). Three other "daughters" lived in Khadijah’s household with Mohammed. Apparently they were from a previous marriage of Khadijah or possibly they were her sister’s children. It is impossible to be certain.